Peter White's Speedway World
Speedway World - July 2021
SPEEDWAY WORLD - Vol35 No11 / July 2021

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* John Lawson Creates Speedway History

* Speedway Australia's 2021 Hall Of Fame Inductions
* Sydney International Speedway Halfway To Completion

* Jason Crump Injured In Early Season Crash In UK

* Kerry Madsen Rocks The Jackson Nationals

* The Rider Who Scared Me Witless by Peter White

* My Memories Of Parramatta Speedway by Ron Hutchinson

* The Way We Were by Geoff Grocott - Kevin Freeman

* That New Speedway - by Grant Woodhams

* Plus Overseas Speedway Bike Coverage

* Plus Overseas Midget Speedcar & Sprintcar Coverage

* Plus All Our Regular Columns & Features.......& more!

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SPEEDWAY MEMORIES - Vol1 No17 / April 2021

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Feature stories:​

  • Fly'n Ryan Sullivan - by Martin Rogers

  • Sydney's Platt Family - by Nick Collier Jnr

  • The Davies Dynasty - by Martin Rogers

  • From A Family Of Speedway Royalty: Bob Levy - by Peter White

  • The Incredible Clive Baxter

  • A Speedcar Legend: The Mighty 'Figs' - by Peter White

  • My four Seasons At The Royale With Geoff Grocott - by Peter White

  • A Night To Remember - by Grant Woodhams

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Speedway Memories Vol1 #16
SPEEDWAY MEMORIES - Vol1 No16 / October 2020

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Feature stories:​

  • A Remarkable Man - The Story Of Garry Hay

  • One Of Australia's Greatest Promoters & Speedcar Drivers- Kym Bonython

  • Mr Mooneyes - Bill Warner

  • A True Dusty Hero - Steve Howman

  • My First Ride At The Sydney Royale - Peter White

  • A Great Australian Speedway Legend - Allan Butcher

  • A Letter From Bill Powell

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Speedway Memories Vol1 #15
SPEEDWAY MEMORIES - Vol1 No15 / May 2020

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Feature stories:​

  • Gary Guglielmi - An Australian Speedway Test Star

  • Who Really Built The First Lowliner?

  • Brian Mannion - They Called Him ‘Fearless Fred’

  • They Didn’t Come Any Bigger Than Jack O’dea

  • Queensland Speedcar Racer John Baldock

  • Haydn Roberts: A Brave Passenger

  • Australian Solo Riders Killed In Britain


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100 More Aussie Legends Of The Speedways

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Legends in this edition (in alphabetical order) are:

1.  Andersson, John (WA)

2.  Barbagallo, Alf (WA)

3.  Bateman, Owen (NSW)

4.  Baxter, Clive (NT)

5.  Beare, Anthony (SA)

6.  Benny, Gordon (SA)

7.  Bingham, Bill (NSW)

8.  Blake, Allan/Brad (WA)

9.  Blicharski, Keith (Qld)

10. Bowen, Rod (NSW)

11. Bowland, Peter (NSW)

12. Britten, Peter/Kevin (Qld)

13. Brown, Ken (WA)

14. Bryden, Bill (NSW)

15. Burdus, Allan (NSW)

16. Butcher, Denyse (Qld)

17. Butler, Troy (Qld)

18. Case, Dick (Qld)

19. Clarke, Adam (NSW)

20. Cleave, Andrew (Vic)

21. Collier, Nick (NSW)

22. Collins, Brian (NSW)

23. Cook, Gene (Tas)

24. Cottrell, Dave (Vic)

25. Cox, Keith (Qld)

26. Cresp, Ray (Vic)

27. Crick, Peter (NSW)

28. Cunneen, Bryan (NSW)

29. Davidson, Danny (Qld)

30. Dewhurst, Johnny (Vic)

31. Dillon family (SA)

32. Dix, Glen (SA)

33. Doyle, Glenn (WA)

34. Giancola, Tony/Marc (WA)

35. Graham, Barry/Steve (NSW)

36. Harding, Trevor (WA)

37. Herreen, Phil (SA)

38. Hoffman, Murray (SA)

39. Hogarth, Dean (SA)

40. Holder, Chris (NSW)

41. Hopping, Sid (NSW)

42. Hutchinson, Ron (NSW)

43. I’Anson, Ken (SA)

44. Innis, Gary (NSW)

45. Jones, Clarry (Vic)

46. Kane, Darren (Qld)

47. Karan, Tina (WA)

48. Kingston, Bert (Qld)

49. Lacey, Nippa/Brett (Vic)

50. Lance, Neville (WA)

51. Langfield, John (NSW)

52. Leslight, John (NSW)

53. Levy, Bob (NSW)

54. Logue, Peter (Vic)

55. Ludlow, Ben/Brad (WA)

56. McKeon, Mick (WA)

57. Mackay, Don (NSW)

58. Madsen, Kerry (NSW)

59. March, Phil (SA)

60. Marshall, Lew (Qld)

61. Middlemass, Sid (NSW)

62. Middleton, Garry (SA)

63. Mills, Dave (NSW)

64. Moon, Gary (Qld)

65. Moore, Sid (NSW)

66. Morgan, Bob (Qld

67. Mudge, Geoff (SA)

68. Munro, Neil (SA)

69. Nicola, Mick (Vic)

70. Oliveri, Frank (NSW)

71. Payne, Arthur (NSW)

72. Peers, Johnny (NSW)

73. Pinchbeck, Barry (NSW)

74. Pyne, John/Ron (NSW)

75. Randall, Wayne (NSW)

76. Raymond, Steve (NSW)

77. Regeling, Steve (Qld)

78. Reinke, Steve (Qld)

79. Revell, Howard (NSW)

80. Richards, Bill (WA)

81. Robinson, Steve/Mark (NSW)

82. Roggenkamp, Peter (Qld)

83. Ryan, Keith (NSW)

84. Schlam, Sig (WA)

85. Scott, Bluey (SA)

86. Scott, Jack (SA)

87. Sewell, Keith (Qld)

88. Smee, Gordon/Nathan (NSW)

89. Stainer, Danny (Vic)

90. Sullivan, Ryan (SA)

91. Taylor, Deane/Kevin (SA)

92. Torpie, Kevin (Qld)

93. Treloar, Garry (NSW)

94. Tunks, Bob (NSW)

95. Vine, Darren (Qld)

96. Walker, Ken (Vic)

97. Ward, Darcy (Qld)

98. White, Jack (Qld)

99. Willis, Billy (Vic)

100. Young, Graham (NSW)