Speedway World - March 2020
SPEEDWAY WORLD - Vol34 No7 / March 2020

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* Jamie Veal Wins His First Australian Sprintcar Title
* Kevin Britten Creates V8 Dirt Modified History - Wins 5 OZ Titles In A Row
* South Australian Dakota Ballantyne Wins WA Solo Title

* J-Mac Wins His 5th World Series Sprintcar Championship

* Matt Pascoe Leads All The Way In Super Sedan Grand National

* Jock Goodyer's Racecraft Is The Secret To His Success

* Jason Crump (44) Returns To The British League

* The Way We Were: Charlie - by Geoff Grocott

* The Royale In 1964 - by Grant Woodhams

* Plus Overseas Speedway Bike Coverage

* Plus Overseas Midget Speedcar & Sprintcar Coverage

* Plus All Our Regular Columns & Features.......& more!

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Speedway Memories Vol1 #14
SPEEDWAY MEMORIES - Vol1 No14 / December 2019

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Feature stories:​

  • Marshall Sargent - A Fabulous American Import

  • Greg Kentwell - A Sydney Solo Test Star

  • George Liebrand - A Sydney Sixties Speedcar Racer

  • Big Bad Ron Johnson

  • Geoff Mudge - Australia's First World Ice Speedway Championship Star

  • Stud Beasley - Remembering A Victorian Speedcar Star

  • Barry O'Connor - Remembering A Sydney Speedcar Driver

  • Claremont Revisited by Geoff Grocott

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Speedway Memories Vol1 #13
SPEEDWAY MEMORIES - Vol1 No13 / September 2019

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Feature stories:​

  • Noel Thorley - A Fearless Handicap Rider At The Royale

  • Sid Reed - The Quiet Achiever In The Little V-Twin

  • The Good Old Days - by Nick Collier Jnr

  • Skip Jackson - Created Sprintcar History In America

  • Remembering Sydney Speedcar Racer Wal Brooker

  • Geoff Grocott Goes Back To 1969-72

  • Percy Mulligan - Another Dusty Hero Of The Dirt Track

  • The Emergence Of A Star Under The Lights At Kilburn

  • Remembering Bankstown Speedway

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Speedway Memories Vol1 #12
SPEEDWAY MEMORIES - Vol1 No12 / June 2019

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Feature stories:​

  • Join Geoff Grocott As He Goes Back To 1961

  • Ronald Mackay – A Superstar Of The Speedcars

  • Sydney’s Fabulous Burdus HRD Vincents

  • Memories Of The Brisbane Exhibition Speedway In The Fifties

  • Remembering Sydney Solo Star Warren Hawkins

  • The Green Grocer’s Son – The Tragedy Of Sydney Speedcar Star Ray Oram

  • Allan Belcher: A Speedcar Superstar Of The EKKA

  • Rodger Browne: Another Dusty Hero Of The Dirt Track

  • Swedes On Song In The Land Of Swan​​

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100 More Aussie Legends Of The Speedways

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Legends in this edition (in alphabetical order) are:

1.  Andersson, John (WA)

2.  Barbagallo, Alf (WA)

3.  Bateman, Owen (NSW)

4.  Baxter, Clive (NT)

5.  Beare, Anthony (SA)

6.  Benny, Gordon (SA)

7.  Bingham, Bill (NSW)

8.  Blake, Allan/Brad (WA)

9.  Blicharski, Keith (Qld)

10. Bowen, Rod (NSW)

11. Bowland, Peter (NSW)

12. Britten, Peter/Kevin (Qld)

13. Brown, Ken (WA)

14. Bryden, Bill (NSW)

15. Burdus, Allan (NSW)

16. Butcher, Denyse (Qld)

17. Butler, Troy (Qld)

18. Case, Dick (Qld)

19. Clarke, Adam (NSW)

20. Cleave, Andrew (Vic)

21. Collier, Nick (NSW)

22. Collins, Brian (NSW)

23. Cook, Gene (Tas)

24. Cottrell, Dave (Vic)

25. Cox, Keith (Qld)

26. Cresp, Ray (Vic)

27. Crick, Peter (NSW)

28. Cunneen, Bryan (NSW)

29. Davidson, Danny (Qld)

30. Dewhurst, Johnny (Vic)

31. Dillon family (SA)

32. Dix, Glen (SA)

33. Doyle, Glenn (WA)

34. Giancola, Tony/Marc (WA)

35. Graham, Barry/Steve (NSW)

36. Harding, Trevor (WA)

37. Herreen, Phil (SA)

38. Hoffman, Murray (SA)

39. Hogarth, Dean (SA)

40. Holder, Chris (NSW)

41. Hopping, Sid (NSW)

42. Hutchinson, Ron (NSW)

43. I’Anson, Ken (SA)

44. Innis, Gary (NSW)

45. Jones, Clarry (Vic)

46. Kane, Darren (Qld)

47. Karan, Tina (WA)

48. Kingston, Bert (Qld)

49. Lacey, Nippa/Brett (Vic)

50. Lance, Neville (WA)

51. Langfield, John (NSW)

52. Leslight, John (NSW)

53. Levy, Bob (NSW)

54. Logue, Peter (Vic)

55. Ludlow, Ben/Brad (WA)

56. McKeon, Mick (WA)

57. Mackay, Don (NSW)

58. Madsen, Kerry (NSW)

59. March, Phil (SA)

60. Marshall, Lew (Qld)

61. Middlemass, Sid (NSW)

62. Middleton, Garry (SA)

63. Mills, Dave (NSW)

64. Moon, Gary (Qld)

65. Moore, Sid (NSW)

66. Morgan, Bob (Qld

67. Mudge, Geoff (SA)

68. Munro, Neil (SA)

69. Nicola, Mick (Vic)

70. Oliveri, Frank (NSW)

71. Payne, Arthur (NSW)

72. Peers, Johnny (NSW)

73. Pinchbeck, Barry (NSW)

74. Pyne, John/Ron (NSW)

75. Randall, Wayne (NSW)

76. Raymond, Steve (NSW)

77. Regeling, Steve (Qld)

78. Reinke, Steve (Qld)

79. Revell, Howard (NSW)

80. Richards, Bill (WA)

81. Robinson, Steve/Mark (NSW)

82. Roggenkamp, Peter (Qld)

83. Ryan, Keith (NSW)

84. Schlam, Sig (WA)

85. Scott, Bluey (SA)

86. Scott, Jack (SA)

87. Sewell, Keith (Qld)

88. Smee, Gordon/Nathan (NSW)

89. Stainer, Danny (Vic)

90. Sullivan, Ryan (SA)

91. Taylor, Deane/Kevin (SA)

92. Torpie, Kevin (Qld)

93. Treloar, Garry (NSW)

94. Tunks, Bob (NSW)

95. Vine, Darren (Qld)

96. Walker, Ken (Vic)

97. Ward, Darcy (Qld)

98. White, Jack (Qld)

99. Willis, Billy (Vic)

100. Young, Graham (NSW)

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